Are your Hoses Ultra Cleaned?

Posted by Eric W. on Jun 28th 2024

Are your Hoses Ultra Cleaned?

What is the Ultra Clean Hose Process?

Here at and on behalf of Abbott Rubber Company, we believe that all hoses should be inspected, Cleaned and Capped before shipping. By doing these steps, it ensures that the hoses we are sending out to Breweries, Distilleries and other Food Processing plants are not contaminated with foreign debris that typically occur during the shipping process. 

When do we Ultra Clean the hoses?

The Ultra Clean process begins after we permanently attach the LGV 3A certified Tri-clamp ends onto the hose. Once the final assembly is produced, the hoses are then Ultra Cleaned

What does the Ultra Clean process entail?

The Ultra Clean is a 2-step process ensuring that the inside of the hose is 99% clean of any foreign debris that may have been entrapped inside the hose. 

Each and every hose assembly is cleaned with an air powered launcher that squeezes a foam projectile tightly through the hose entrapping up all loose debris that may be in the hose.

Once the hoses are cleaned with the projectile launcher, the hoses are then Capped at the sanitary Tri-clamp ends with a heat shrink blue plastic cap to ensure a tight seal around each end of the hose. 

This blue plastic cap prevents any debris or foreign substance from entering the hose during transit. Ensuring the hose assembly is clean for our customers. 

Here at | Abbott Rubber Company our hose assemblies are manufactured in a clean area of our warehouse. We understand that these hoses will be used during the process of food consumption, and we want to ensure that we are offering you a quality hose assembly.